“Nowadays, paper is no longer the only canvas for manga.”

For a long time, manga artists were limited to the paper medium to express their talents. But now, with new IT and digital technologies, the manga scene has completely changed.

Paper is not the only format. Manga magazines are not the only release method. Manga are not only delivered to readers through bookshops and convenience stores.

We at NSP are committed to developing a business that contributes new advances to the continuing evolution of the manga industry. Our fundamental principle is that manga artists should be able to express their ideas via any available canvas, and not just the electronic medium; through our commitment to these artists, we will grow and develop this industry.

We are dedicated to manga as a means of expression, regardless of any changes in technology that may occur.

Developments in IT and digital technologies simply provide more presentation options for the field of manga. Nowadays, the tools of expression are not just limited to pen and paper.

We are in an era in which manga artists are able to expand their range of talents more widely than ever before. It is our pleasure to assist these artists and emerging forms of expression in any way possible.

Horie Nobuhiko
North Stars Pictures


In days of old, travellers on the expanse of the earth and the boundless ocean saw the North Star and the Big Dipper as leading marks, or stars of hope, which they navigate by.

The start of our company was also no more than a little boat that set to sail the ocean. There are times when the boat is tossed about by strong winds and rough waves. However, we will never lose the sight of the northern stars, which are hope we thrive upon to continue our travel with great courage to make our dreams come true.

With the aspiration and the resolution in mind, we named our company North Stars Pictures. It will be our greatest pleasure if one day our company can become the leading mark, as its name suggests, for the entertainment industry in Japan, its prosperity and expansion.